The Battleship Island


As I wrote on my Facebook Page, The Battleship Island still lingers in my head for a lot of reasons. The movie is based on true accounts of people enslaved in the Hashima Island, Japan and I couldn’t imagine how awful it would have been for them.

As we watched the movie last night, it made me feel terribly bad for the Koreans back in the World War II; how they’ve had the worst experience during the Japanese Empire. Not only did our ancestors suffered the Japanese regime but also the poor Koreans. How terrible it would have been to live back in those times. 

But I wonder how Japanese feel every time films of their past brutality is up on the silver screen for the world to see. I wonder if there were dread or hatred or sorrow or pain or shame?

What i do know though is that in war everyone loses. In war there are pain, blood, death. Films like this should remind us that the price is way too high than  our pride or selfishness.